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About Us

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, and in the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement, the BLX Internship Program was born. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for aspiring Black and Latinx financial planners to obtain an internship at a fee-only or fee-based financial planning firm.


The financial planning industry is woefully underrepresented from a diversity standpoint. In fact, 72% of Certified Financial Planners are white males. We believe that in order to move the financial planning profession forward, we must be more representative of the population of our country.

The BLX Internship Program operates in an annual cycle as described below: 

BLX Timeline (1).png
Business Meeting

Application Period


  • Interns and firms apply to join the BLX Internship Program.

  • BLX offers Career Development Webinars for Intern Applicants to support them with resume writing, interviews, and navigating the initial stages of financial planning.

  • BLX provides firm-focused webinars to define internship best practices and offer recommendations for optimal results.

Matchmaking Period


  • Our partners at Advisor Business Solutions screen and interview intern candidates.

  • Firms undergo an onboarding process to determine their desired intern candidate qualities.

  • Interns who pass the screening and meet the firms' criteria are then referred for interviews. Firms choose the candidates that align best with their requirements and make offers accordingly.

Intern and Firm Orientation


  • Interns successfully paired with a firm are invited to participate in orientation webinars organized by BLX. These webinars highlight the resources and certifications accessible to them throughout their internships.

  • Firms attend orientation webinars to discuss best practices and get familiar with internship schedules, sample syllabi, onboarding paperwork, and resources for background checks.

  • For intern applicants who were not matched, BLX provides scholarships for enrollment in The Externship or an SIE Exam Prep Course.

Shaking Hands

Internship Period


  • Interns commence their roles at their respective host firms.

  • BLX offers certification opportunities to all interns successfully paired for eMoney Certification and/or Envestnet Institute On-Campus.

  • Both firms and interns are invited to participate in the BLX Summer Speaker Webinar Series.

Recruiting Period


  • BLX recruits candidates from partnering colleges and universities.

  • Firms wishing to hire in-person interns for the following summer contact BLX regarding their hiring needs.

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