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Applications Open October 1, 2023!

Black female intern

The Internship Program for Aspiring Black and Latinx Financial Planners

Our mission is to increase the diversity of the financial planning industry to better reflect the population of our country.


As a 501c(3) organization, we endeavor to create opportunities for Black and Latinx individuals to enter the profession, while also offering financial planning firms access to a broader range of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Upcoming Webinars

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Intern Information Session

For Applicants

Oct 4, 2023

Business Meeting

Firm Information Session

For Firms

Oct 4, 2023

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Scaling Your Internship Program

For Large Firms

Oct 10, 2023

Thanks to our Supporters

The core of our organization is matching fee-only financial planning firms with qualified diverse candidates for summer internships.
In addition to the internship program, we also provide support in the following areas.

Let's be about the change.

Working from Home
Support Group
Throwing Caps

Training and Resources

We provide a wide range of training to both firms and interns so this is a rewarding experience for all parties. We want firms to be successful in hosting interns and we want interns to have a successful financial planning career. We provide hiring, onboarding, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) resources to firms. We offer professional development resources for interns that include webinars, on-demand videos, and one-on-one coaching.


We have a private online community for participating interns and are launching a community for participating firms. As the program grows, we hope to expand our outreach through mentorships, study groups, and conference meet ups. We also want to increase awareness of fee-only financial planning so more students choose financial planning as a college major and/or career path. We aim to accomplish this by partnering with college and career preparatory high schools, speaking engagements and other media coverage.


As we raise more funding and partner with more organizations, we hope to offer various scholarships. This can include scholarships for the CFP® coursework, exam, and review courses, industry conference registrations, professional membership dues, licenses to relevant financial planning software programs, and programs that provide insight into the financial planning profession.


intern azare.jfif

The most impactful thing during my internship was the tremendous hands-on experience I gained every day. I learned so much in 8 weeks. 
The experience I gained was very unique due to Covid-19 I was able to service clients all over the world with a focus in tech professionals and equity compensation.

Azare' Mercer

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